Soap Making

Soap Making

How much do we love soaps!

Most of us love our soaps, and especially soaps with character and charm. Get creative in learning how to make your own body soap that won’t dry out your skin.

In this 2 hour workshop we will teach you how to make soap with natural ingredients that can be easily bought from a supermarket store.

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You will follow a simple recipe that you can customise to create your own personalised soaps that have flair, personality, charm and charisma. Once you understand the basics of soap making you will want to go home and experiment with ideas.

We will play around with making different types of soaps.

Soap making equipment, ingredients and moulds provided.

What you will take home:

  • Basic Soap Recipe
  • Soap bars made with different ingredients e.g. Charcoal soap which is great for taking out toxins from your skin
  • Soap making fact sheet
Soap Making
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