Mandala Drawing

Mandala Drawing

The saying you are ‘going around in circles’ is the world of a Mandala.

What is a Mandala?

It’s the use of geometric shapes that are mathematically identical or freestyle shapes to create patterns within a circle. Creating a Mandala drawing settles the mind and spirit and gives you a sense of mental freedom.



This workshop is for anyone experiencing more stress than they would like right now or anyone who wants to lose themselves in a drawing of lines, shapes and colours.

In this two and half workshop you will discover a sense of peace and calm.

This workshop is about giving you the space to create your own mandala design using paper, geometry equipment and the use of paints, pencils, pens and crayons. This is a fun activity that puts you in the moment and encourages your intuitive nature to come out.

Every mandala will be unique, interesting and have its own charisma and charm. This activity is for anyone who wants to slow down to experience a creative moment and let go of stress.

This is a judgment-free, casual class designed to relax the mind. I will go through how to start your mandala and leave you to find a space to create.

Notes, paper, paints, pencil and crayons provided.

Take home your drawing to use it as a template design for gifts such as a framed art work, create prints, bedcover, soft furnishings, phone cover, on a cup, t-shirt and more. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Mandala Drawing
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